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The EU releases the latest list of rare earths for industrial basic raw materials, and China becomes a major supplier (1)

Time: 2020-09-14
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On September 3 this year, the European Union released the 'Critical Raw Materials (CRM) Newsletter 2020', which updated the list of 30 rare minerals such as antimony trioxide. The material demand and supply risks of key technical sectors in the EU in 2030 and 2050 are predicted. For EU countries, these rare earth raw materials are resources that have great economic value, but are prone to risks in terms of supply.

The investment and R&D of these resources can affect the development and future layout of industries in EU countries. In this new list of raw materials, China has become the main country for the EU's rare earth raw material supply. Among them, light rare earth elements account for 99%, heavy rare earth elements account for 98%, magnesium has 93%, tungsten wire is 69%, bismuth is 49%, natural graphite is 47%, and titanium is 45%. Of course, there are other minerals such as antimony trioxide and other minerals. Regarding the list of newly added raw materials this year, bauxite, lithium, titanium and strontium, Chinese investors will face higher risks.

The EU releases the latest list of rare earths for industrial basic raw materials, and China becomes a major supplier (1)

From the perspective of EU countries, raw materials are needed by every country with industrial development needs. Its existence relates to people's lives and is closely related. Taking antimony trioxide as an example, it is inseparable from many flame retardant materials or flame retardants in life. In addition, many rare metals are inseparable from the technology industry. Therefore, for the economic development of the EU, it is unimpeded. Raw material supply channels are what they need most.

In the introduction to the CRM inventory, we can see that the key raw materials have the following three characteristics:

One is to serve as a link between all sectors of the supply chain;

The second is as a support for modern technology;

The third is as an important driving force for clean technology.

Regarding the critical distinction of raw materials, the European Union mainly refers to two aspects when dividing; one is the economic importance of materials, and this direction mainly examines the scope of use, strength and substitutability. For example, antimony trioxide is important for The development and economic efficiency of the flame retardant industry are extremely high. The second is the supply risk of these raw materials. In this direction, it is more determined by a detailed test value of dependence on the actual situation of the material and imported processing. In order to adapt to changes and innovations in production, market and technology, the EU will publish a version of the latest CRM list every three years.

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