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Dongfeng antimony industry was rated as one of the top 100 private enterprises with the greatest growth potential in guizhou

Time: 2018-12-19
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By the ministry of industry and information technology in guizhou hall (the original provinces by letter by private economic development board), by a third party agencies in ding carried out credit rating services co., LTD. "the most growth potential of the" hundred private enterprises in guizhou public welfare campaign end on December 18, guiyang Ming old dopted mother flavor food co., LTD., guizhou yi hundred pharmaceutical co., LTD., etc. 100 companies on the list, which participate in the crucial enterprises accounted for 85% of the poverty.

The scope of the selection includes the legally registered private enterprises with legal person status in the administrative region of guizhou province, covering all sectors and fields of the national economy.

At the same time, according to the economic characteristics and development plan of guizhou province, we mainly investigate the industries of wine, tea, medicine, food, water, big data, big ecology, big tourism and big health.

The top 10 leading enterprises in the industry were selected and the data and information of private enterprises in various industries were obtained by referring to relevant functional departments of the government, provincial federation of industry and commerce and relevant industry associations.

And through the credit China (guizhou) network, the state administration of taxation guizhou provincial tax bureau network and other platforms for the primary enterprise integrity audit and tax audit, adopt a one-vote veto system.

Then social contributions (tax and poverty alleviation contributions) were ranked and the best ones were selected.

Finally, a list of the 100 most potential private enterprises in guizhou province will be formed.

From the perspective of industry division, the manufacturing industry accounted for 41%, the information transmission, software and information technology service industry accounted for 8%, and the mining industry accounted for 8%.

In terms of participating in social welfare, 85% of enterprises have participated in poverty alleviation, which reflects the enhanced sense of social responsibility of selected private enterprises. The government's call on "thousands of enterprises to help thousands of villages" has been positively responded by the majority of private enterprises.

Attached list

(in no particular order)

Guizhou yibai pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guizhou Bailing Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Guiyang xintian pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guizhou weimen pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guizhou ruihe pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guizhou taibang biological products co., LTD

Guizhou jianxing pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guizhou bate pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guizhou jingfeng injection co., LTD

Guizhou sanli pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guizhou wufufang food co., LTD

Guiyang nanming Lao gan ma flavor food co., LTD

Guizhou haoyiduo dairy co., LTD

Guizhou rural sister food co., LTD

Guizhou yonghong food co., LTD

Guizhou polar bear industry co., LTD

Guizhou huishangu crystal mineral water industry co., LTD

Guizhou qianshan xiushui industrial co., LTD

Guizhou guotai wine co., LTD

Guizhou anjiu group co., LTD

Guizhou dong wine co., LTD

Guizhou renhuai maotai confused wine industry (group) co., LTD

Guizhou meitan lanxin tea co., LTD

Guizhou meitan lixiang tea co., LTD

Guizhou tongren hetai tea co., LTD

Guizhou guicha co., LTD

Guizhou fortune boat technology co., LTD

Guizhou guicai innovative technology co., LTD

Guizhou anshun huangguoshu aluminum co., LTD

Guizhou huangdi technology co., LTD

Guizhou caiyang electric heating technology co., LTD

Guizhou changtong group co., LTD

Guizhou chuanheng chemical co., LTD

Guizhou anda science and technology energy co., LTD

Guizhou changzheng tiancheng holding co., LTD

Guizhou yongji printing co., LTD

Guizhou taiyong changzheng technology co., LTD

Guizhou senrui new material co., LTD

Guizhou jiesheng drilling tool co., LTD

Guizhou gas group co., LTD

Guizhou green card technology industry co., LTD

Guizhou nanyuan power technology co., LTD

Guiyang xingli department store group co., LTD

Guiyang suning sales co., LTD

Guizhou heli shopping co., LTD

Renhuai xinning wine supply chain co., LTD

Huaxia aviation co., LTD

Guizhou manbang technology co., LTD

Guizhou millennium green environmental protection taxi service co., LTD

Guizhou yayuan food and entertainment co., LTD

Guizhou zui miao xiang catering investment management co., LTD

Longmaster Information & Technology Co.,Ltd

Guizhou feilida technology co., LTD

Guizhou Orient century technology co., LTD

Hengda technology group co., LTD

Guizhou haiyu technology co., LTD

Guizhou qianchi information co., LTD

Guizhou elite tiancheng technology co., LTD

Century hengtong technology co., LTD

Zhongtian finance group co., LTD

Guiyang southwest international trade city co., LTD

Guizhou international commodity trading center co. LTD

Guizhou yinjian leasing co., LTD

Guizhou landmark construction engineering co., LTD

Guizhou tongren yuan blasting engineering co., LTD

Guizhou dongfang julong construction engineering co., LTD

Guizhou xibainian decoration engineering co., LTD

Guizhou jingshan long group building energy saving engineering co., LTD

Guizhou bangda energy development co., LTD

Guizhou wantian coal industry group co., LTD

Guizhou dongfeng antimony industry co., LTD

Guizhou panzhou hongsheng coal preparation co., LTD

Zunyi yinsheng mining co., LTD

Guizhou tianjian mining group co., LTD

Guizhou dasouthwest mining co., LTD

Panzhou galaxy mining co., LTD

Qinbang biotechnology co., LTD

Guizhou black carbon carbon investment low-carbon industry development co., LTD

Guizhou huatong huacheng co., LTD

Guizhou ouruixinhe environmental protection co., LTD

Guizhou yida environmental protection co., LTD

Guizhou guishen environmental engineering co., LTD

Greenland environmental protection technology co., LTD

Guizhou tianbao ecology co., LTD

Guizhou jiyuan driving training school co., LTD

Guizhou haowen education development co., LTD

Guizhou limeikang surgical hospital co., LTD

Guiyang baizhixiang orthopedics hospital

Colorful guizhou culture and art co., LTD

Guizhou anshun xingwei industrial development co., LTD

Guizhou guizhou quintessence national culture development co., LTD

Guizhou niangniangshan plateau wetland ecological agricultural tourism development co., LTD

Guizhou xingyi hongxin agricultural development co., LTD

Guizhou zhuohao agricultural science and technology co., LTD

Guiyang tainong breeding co. LTD

Guizhou dongtai agriculture co., LTD

Guizhou kangxing grease (group) co., LTD

Zunyi lushengkangyuan technology development co., LTD

Guizhou shida real estate development (group) co., LTD

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