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Industry giants optimistic about future stock tightening prices rise

Time: 2018-09-18
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Recently, news has been widely spread in the antimony industry. A giant enterprise bought spot antimony ingots in the market for about 1000 tons. After this week's news was confirmed, the price of antimony ingots holder increased by 500-1000 yuan/ton.

Raw materials

Raw materials: due to the impact of environmental protection factors, some domestic construction of antimony is still abnormal, antimony can be quoted with the real antimony price upside-down phenomenon, smelter purchase intention is not strong;

In addition, the recent foreign media price has been increased, imported antimony ore prices see rise, importer profit advantage reduced, and then import enthusiasm, so antimony ore and the number of imports of antimony materials is still small, because the price of antimony has not increased, smelters procurement antimony raw materials cautious.

Antimony ingot aspects

Antimony ingots:

For it is well known producers have been closely by local environmental protection, low bismuth and antimony ingot manufacturer originally inventory is not very big, in the after being bought nearly one thousand tons of antimony ingot producer prices will increase, the 2 # low bismuth and antimony ingot around 52000-52500 yuan/ton, 1 # antimony ingot, 52500-53000 yuan/ton, 0 # antimony ingot, 53000-53500 yuan/ton, both rose 500 yuan /, the terminal group purchasing price rising increases, but on the market availability is not much, but there are also traders and scattered clients due to rise too fast, is still under the process of price,

Therefore, the existing transactions to just need terminal procurement - based.

Of course, the supply of # 2 high bismuth antimony ingots is large, and the downstream demand is not stimulated, and the price is basically flat, remaining at about 50,000-51000 yuan/ton.

Antimony trioxide

Antimony trioxide: although the market supply and demand level of antimony trioxide has been relatively stable, the price of antimony trioxide has risen again with the price of antimony trioxide as a raw material.

Now 99.5% antimony trioxide 45000-46000 yuan/ton, 99.8% antimony trioxide 47000-48000 yuan/ton.

After the anti-antimony smuggling case last month, overseas customers represented by the us can only receive China's antimony products through formal channels, while the us will enter into practical operation with high taxes. The increasing purchase cost may affect China's antimony products' export to some extent, so the domestic inventory pressure may increase in the future.

However, the purchase of bulk spot antimony ingots by the giant enterprises at this time is undoubtedly representative of the export qualified enterprises to the future bullish, which will stabilize the current market and confidence in the future.

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