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SMM antimony spot weekly report, antimony prices steady slight rise, market operation still need to

Time: 2018-09-11
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-- Shanghai nonferrous metal network

SMM September 10, 2018: the price of antimony ingots has been relatively stable in the past two weeks and remains within the SMM spot price range.

Although the seller is reluctant to sell enterprises in the market, but buyer procurement is also relatively cautious.

According to antimony industry people joke that "buying antimony is difficult, selling antimony is difficult;

Buy antimony in the source of goods, selling antimony in the price!


Raw materials: affected by the operating rate of the smelter, regardless of imported antimony ore or domestic antimony ore, the current trading volume is still weak.

Some hazardous waste materials, such as antimony, cannot even be purchased and sold across the region due to environmental impact, and their natural production capacity is limited. At present, such raw materials are still rare in the market.

For antimony ingots: in the last two weeks, the volume transaction price of bismuth antimony ingots is maintained at 2# high 50500 yuan/ton, 2# low bismuth antimony ingots is about 51,500 yuan/ton, 1# antimony ingots is 52,000-52,500 yuan/ton, and 0# antimony ingots is 53,000 yuan/ton.

But at present, the main producing area of hunan lengshuijiang less shipments, buyers more difficult to consult goods;

Therefore, most of them are scattered shipments by traders. The price of zero-order shipments is about 500 yuan/ton higher than this batch price, and the overall transaction price is slightly higher than before.

Antimony trioxide: although the price of antimony trioxide is relatively strong, antimony trioxide is limited by the demand, the transaction is still maintained at 99.5% antimony trioxide 45000 yuan/ton, 99.8% antimony trioxide 47000 yuan/ton.

Besides, the United States is one of the major export markets of China's antimony trioxide. Under the influence of sino-us trade war, if the us tariff is implemented, it will cast a heavy shadow on the market of antimony trioxide.

At present, due to the impact of the supply side, the short - term market is stronger and optimistic;

However, due to the "trade war" factor, antimony price trend will be greatly affected by the policy of international relations, long-term operation still needs to be cautious!

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