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Features and progress of high power antimonide semiconductor lasers

Time: 2018-09-07
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Antimonide semiconductor laser can achieve 1.8 mu m - 4 microns in infrared laser output, small volume, high efficiency, and the advantages of electric light directly, is a cutting-edge research in the field of infrared laser technology in hot spots, electrical technology in infrared light, hazardous chemical gas and monitoring, and other fields has important application prospects, and infrared fiber lasers can be used as a source of seed and with pump light source.

However, due to lateral carrier leakage caused by low thermal conductivity and high hole mobility of antimonide semiconductor materials, antimonide semiconductor lasers have low efficiency, poor beam quality and poor temperature stability.

Recently, the team of tong cunzhu researcher at changchun guangmo institute and niu zhichuan researcher at the semiconductor institute of the Chinese academy of sciences worked together to put forward the antimonide microridge wider-area waveguide structure, which effectively suppressed carrier lateral leakage and accumulation.

M wavelength laser antimonide highest energy conversion efficiency from 9.8% to 30.5%, continuous output power more than 1.28 W, lateral beam quality improved by 36%, the threshold value, the influence of the temperature characteristic and current of the far field have been obviously improved, the research for the realization of high brightness antimonide semiconductor laser provides a feasible technical scheme, published in Applied Physics Express, 11, 032702 (2018),

I was selected as Key Scientific Article in the field of Engineering progress by Advances in Engineering, Canada, and was specially reported.

Advances in Engineering (AIE) is a Canadian science and technology organization founded in 2005. It aims to spread the important scientific achievements and innovative technologies in the field of Engineering that can benefit mankind in a timely and rapid way worldwide. Its main readers and audiences are scientists, professors and students in the field of Engineering and physics who have received a good education.

An AIE a week after the international expert advisory group screening, selected from published literatures in the field of global engineering under article 20 special report, the excellent thesis direction including material engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, civil engineering and general engineering, paper selected need to have special scientific importance and can be the scientific readers understand, yearold open pollination progenies of less than one over one thousand.

In addition to attracting the attention of major global research institutions, AIE is also linked by the world's top 50 engineering companies to track breakthrough technology.

This work was supported by the foundation theory and key technology of infrared laser in low dimensional structure of antimonide.

Features and progress of high power antimonide semiconductor lasers

Figure 1. Structure diagram of antimonide microridge wide region (MSBA) waveguide laser

Features and progress of high power antimonide semiconductor lasers

Features and progress of high power antimonide semiconductor lasers

Features and progress of high power antimonide semiconductor lasers

Figure 2. Improvement of the power, threshold and efficiency temperature stability of the antimonide semiconductor laser by the micro-ridge waveguide

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