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DongguanJiefu attended the 10th Canada fair and plastic industry innovation and development conferen

Time: 2018-07-11
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Dongguan Jiefu flame-retardant materials co., ltd. and partner mg group jointly participate in the 10th China processing trade expo on April 19, 2018.

Site by China's processing trade products expo organizing committee, synthetic resin in China supply and marketing association, guangdong plastics industry association, shenzhen, dongguan au big group new material for online conference on "2018 China plastics industry innovation development 曁 exchange of production and marketing docking" held in guan, from the domestic industry, business, academia, and so on more than 200 in the financial community "among" the direction and trend of plastic industry, push the plasticizing industry high quality development.

Former President of China plastics processing industry association liao zhengpin;

Zheng kai, President of China association of synthetic resin supply and marketing;

Director of guangdong plastics industry association fu an and professor he hui of school of material science and engineering of south China university of technology, President li shi of alliance large group, as well as the high-quality supplier, trader, new material enterprise, auxiliary agent enterprise, equipment manufacturer, terminal product enterprise in upstream and downstream of plastic industrial chain attend the conference.

Dongguan Jiefu attended the 10th Canada fair and plastic industry innovation and development conference

Our products: antimony trioxide, antimony oxide without dust, antimony oxide and flame retardant master grain are displayed in the exhibition hall of dongguan Jeff flame retardant material co., LTD.

The potential customers on the exhibition site get detailed technical solutions from the sales staff, and receive unanimous praise from visitors and potential customers.




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