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Antimony trioxide

Time: 2018-07-11
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Antimony trioxide

[Chinese name] antimony trioxide;

Antimonous anhydride;

Antimony, China;

Antimony white;

Antimony oxide (Ⅲ);

The antimony

Name: antimony trioxide;

Stibous oxide;

Antimonous oxide

[structure or formula] Sb2O3

[relative molecular weight or atomic weight] 291.6

Cubic crystal shape of 5.192 g/cm3 density 】 【 (25 ℃);

Rhombic crystal form is 5.672g/cm3

The melting temperature (℃) 】 656

The boiling point (℃) 】 1570

Index of refraction 2.087 ~ 2.35

[toxicity LD50(mg/kg)]

Rats through the mouth 20,000

【 properties 】

White odorless crystalline powder, is a kind of amphoteric oxide, weathering better than lide powder, powder less, heat resistant, yellow after heating, white after cooling.

Solution condition

Insoluble in water, ethanol, soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated alkali, oxalic acid, tartaric acid and fuming nitric acid.


Used for making enamel, pigment, tartar, medicine, and as filler, mordant, etc.

It is mainly used for making fire-proof paint. Antimony white can react with chlorine-containing resin at high temperature to produce antimony chloride, which can prevent the spread of fire and achieve fire-proof effect.

Zinc oxide and sodium hydroxide are used as co-agents of bromine flame retardant in plastic fire protection system.

Various grades of industrial grade Sb2O3 are equivalent as flame retardant, but the particle size of Sb2O3 has a very important influence on the impact strength of flame retardant polymers.

At present, the average particle size of common Sb2O3 used for flame retardant of various plastics is generally 1~2um, and the average particle size of ultra-fine antimony oxide used for flame retardant fiber is about 0.3um.

[preparation or source]

It can be obtained by the action of antimony trichloride and sodium carbonate.

Antimony is a natural product.


It's a sexual oxide.

CAS No. : 1309-64-4

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